Tanqia Greece is the new power in wastewater treatment and management of water resources in Greece. It is a member of the leading Group of Tanqia Environment in the United Arab Emirates (ΗΑΕ), which has been operating all over the world, for 20 years, and has been making a positive and steady contribution to society and the environment, increasing the efficiency of the cycle of the most precious commodity: water.

Tanqia Greece is a dynamic foreign investment in our country that also involves Greek funds with long-standing successful business experience.


Wastewater collection and treatment at the lowest cost

Full compliance with and implementation of all environmental laws and directives

Meeting the highest quality standards

Maximizing the use of the treatment byproducts in productive sectors of the economy as a substitute for higher value products


Wastewater treatment systems

Liquid and solid waste management

Waste management


Biological treatment

Sanitary waste management


Wastewater treatment systems


Liquid and solid waste management

Biological treatment

Waste management

Sanitary waste management



The conceptual process behind the installation of a wastewater treatment system meets every client’s unique needs and anticipates the potential growth and challenges of their area.


Our wastewater treatment systems feature high-performance, energy-efficient technology with low operational costs. By utilizing measuring and control technology, we implement highly advanced treatment processes to convert the wastewater into high-quality effluent.


We offer flexible and high-rate financing tailored to our clients’ needs and designed to save clients significant resources over the long term. 


We ensure that the construction phase is completed on schedule and on budget. We are keenly aware of the challenges faced during the construction process, and we manage them promptly and successfully. 


We take over the day-to-day operations of a wastewater treatment system, carrying out direct quality oversight and consistent standards assurance for each project.


We provide preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance as well as emergency response, rehabilitation of existing facilities and full technical support.


The administrative management, scheduling, hiring, HR services and payroll complete the range of our services.


Established in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2002, Tanqia Environment provides corporate solutions in the water and wastewater treatment sectors through a full range of integrated services.

From the initial concept and design through development, financing, construction, operations, maintenance and management, Tanqia Environment is able to provide individual or multiple services that meet the needs of its clients, either public or private.

As owner and operator of one of the leading privately held wastewater collection and treatment systems in the Middle East, Tanqia Environment has helped usher in a new era of wastewater treatment, utilizing state-of-the-art processes to achieve the highest levels of efficiency.

With a focus on sustainability, Tanqia designs wastewater treatment systems to minimize environmental footprint and maximize efficiency to produce treated water for clients in the industrial, agricultural and energy sectors.

Tanqia Environment is made up of a multidisciplinary team with complementary backgrounds in project development, finance, engineering, operations and maintenance, construction supervision, and billing and accounting. Collectively, the senior management team of the Company has completed over $1 billion in project financing across three continents.

Tanqia Environment offers a range of investment services and financing options, which make it possible for any client to have access to a quality wastewater treatment system.

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